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David K. Grant

David K. Grant

Insurance Specialist

Our Risk Management & Consulting Group is headed by David Grant. David is also an Advisor in Life, Disability, Long-Term Care and Property and Casualty insurance for Premier Financial Group.  David has been working with clients to develop strategies to protect themselves and their businesses for twelve years. He specializes in finding Long-Term-Care solutions for clients.

David spent years working part time for Premier Financial Group before graduating from college. After completing a bachelor degree in business administration from Chestnut Hill University in 2008, David began working full time for the firm. With the aim to help clients gain financial protection, he directly negotiates with insurance companies to create insurance plans that match clients’ particular needs.

David holds himself to the highest standard of integrity and sees his role as his clients’ advocate. With a conviction to always do the right thing, he suggests strategies for clients that he would suggest for himself or a family member. Communication is key in his work with clients. He takes time to understand what each client values so that he can provide exceptional service. He values the deep relationships he develops with clients and their families, knowing that his service can bring them much-needed financial stability.

David grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, where he and his family live today. He and his wife, Tiffany, have two beautiful daughters. He’s an avid Philadelphia sports fan and he loves to travel and cook.